August 1, 2010 – Coming clean

When I get stressed out from work I like to do home improvement projects ( yes I use work to combat stress brought on by work). Last week was a 8 on the suckage scale. Only a major project would be enough to counter that kinda of suckatude… I started with the removal of the popcorn ceiling which lead to me trying to dye the fugly grout to then wanting new walls color to then hating the cabinet color and painting them… then repainting the floor…. still not all done but it is shaping up nicely if i do say so myself.


June 2010 – a few of my favorites

i’ve been taking pictures every day for posting… it’s that pesky POSTING part I haven’t gotten around to… LAME… here are some of my favorites from the last month…

July 25 2010 – I’m bringing my picture a day back

from it’s grave… ( graveyard beachside in Maui)

5 June 2010 – Project Picnic

Now that the sunny weather is upon us I can no longer ingore the large eyesore lurking in the middle of my yard. My picnic table has seen better days  with peeling paint, melted candle was and dog chew marks all makiong for a less then appealing place to dine. I busted out the sandpaper blocks and got to work…. unsure if i am going to stick with the same color scheme or mix it up a bit…. the Beefalo and Dayze helped keep me company during the sanding portion of the day.

4 June 2010 – i could have bought a luxury car

for all the money i have spent on the beefalo at the vet…the tropical island mural puts in me into a Maui state of mind while waiting for my bill…. I no longer twitch when the amount falls into the triple digits… and the Beefalo is worth every dollar spent….

3 June 2010- Ghost plants

I have been searching for over a year for a succelent plant I saw planted in a wineyard in Lompoc. No one could tell me the name or where they got the platns…The stark white leaves against the brown earth stuck in my mind. I WANTED THAT PLANT! Imagine my delight when waiting for a new housekey to be made I wandered into the very small plant section of a small local hardware store and saw THE plant!!!

2 June 2010 – Oceanfront property

Maybe part of getting my mojo back is a change of scenery. I took my run along the bluffs of Shell Beach… being 15 mins away from this view make all the hard work worth it….